Clarion Futures evaluation reports

Clarion Futures  (part of Clarion Housing Group) funded and built partnerships with 15 other organisations who developed and embedded effective Digital Champion models of support.

The progress reports below

  • recognise, celebrate and share learning from the partnership and subsequent delivery
  • highlight the successes and challenges which form an integral part of this work
  • give unique insights about the target group served, based upon the data captured by their digital screening tool

This first progress report was published in March 2019 and includes spotlight sections on two specific partners’ projects Hexagon and Charlton Triangle Homes, both part of the Love London Working partnership.

This second report was published in July 2019 and includes spotlight sections on three specific partners’ projects Poplar Harca, Action West London and Torus Foundation, which show:

  • Creating sustainable and rewarding digital volunteer models
  • Strategic positioning of Digital Champions coupled with creative techniques to promote digital skills support with language learning
  • The importance of strategic partnerships and collaborative working

This third progress report was published in December 2019 and includes spotlight sections on four specific partners’ projects ENABLE Works ScotlandFirst Choice Homes OldhamPhoenix Community Housing and YES Manchester, which show:

  • Best practices when supporting people with learning difficulties
  • The importance of patience and persistence for delivering digital skills employment support work
  • Building a successful partnership with Job Centre Plus
  • The benefits of a digital Delivery Coordinator
Image: Front page of report with Clarion Futures logo and a graphical representation of a diverse range of different people