About us

We are Clarion Futures; the Charitable Foundation arm of Clarion Housing Group, who are proudly supporting more than 350,000 Clarion residents and their communities, via our jobs & training, money & digital and communities work.

We are a programme partner of One Digital who recognises the potential of using Professional and Volunteer Digital Champions to support the basic digital skill (BDS) needs of people accessing employment support. We believe this approach is:

  • Sustainable and cost effective;
  • Provides an ideal setting to identify and enhance the digital skill needs of individuals (as targets a captive client base);
  • Provides significant opportunities to further explore and understand the link between digital inclusion and employment.

44% of people without basic digital skills are on lower wages or are unemployed. Nobody can solve the challenges of digital exclusion alone.


Our offer consists of three parts:

Phase 1. Involves the testing of our model within select Clarion employment and training sites.

Phase 2. Is the wider rollout of this work across additional Clarion employment and training sites.

Phase 3. Is where we invite other organisations, who are also running employment programmes, to join us as part of this exciting initiative forming a collective and rolling digital inclusion partnership. Clarion Futures are providing £20,000 in seed-funding; Enabling and supporting 14 other organisations across the UK, to replicate our model of digital inclusion work and through close partnership working - capture the vital learning on the way.

We are committed to measuring impact and better understanding the journey of those we and others are supporting. We will be working closely with organisations in order to test and refine a Basic Digital Screening tool which can be embedded within employment programmes; maximising the potential for organisations to identify, and respond accordingly, to the basic digital skills needs of the individuals that they are supporting.

Interested to hear how we are getting on? Want to know more? Want your organisation to be considered as part of a funding round? Clarion Futures would love to hear from you. Please contact our One Digital Manager Tanya.Spence@Clarionhg.com