Over the last two years the One Digital partnership has worked with a range of Digital Champions across different projects and local areas.  The learning from these projects has led us to focus on the variety of approaches to supporting digital participation using Digital Champion models of support.

Why work with Digital Champions?

  • Digital Champions approaches are proven, there is clear evidence that one to one, learner led support is effective in building confidence and skills
  • Digital Champions models are flexible
  • Digital Champions provide a range of different ways for organisations wanting to build digital participation to provide support


Before embarking on a project involving Digital Champions it's good to think about how you want to focus and build an effective project. The following questions are designed to help you do this:


  • Will you be working with or supporting to develop their digital skills?
  • Are the priority groups in your local communities, or who engage with your organisation, who need to develop Basic Digital Skills?
  • Are the staff or volunteers in your organisation who can support you to make your project a success and how will your embed your project in their activities?



  • Digital Champion model would work for your organisation?
  • Senior leaders and staff do you need to successfully engage in supporting your project?
  • Method will you use to engage your Digital Champions and the wider organisation to support your project
  • Partners will you need to work with to successfully develop your project, how will you define and publicise opportunities to get involved?


  • Kind of learning will your learners be most interested in or have a direct need for?
  • Are you aiming to achieve with your project and how will you measure this?
  • Criteria will you use to make a decision on what works best in your community or for your organisation?
  • Outputs and outcomes do you want to deliver?
  • Will be your delivery plan and timescales?
  • Role descriptions will you need to develop for your Digital Champions?
  • Resource – skills, experience, funds will you need to set up your project?
  • Do you need to know about your learners and how to engage them?
  • Are the hooks that are likely to encourage your learners to become involved?
  • Are the risks for your project in general and for Digital Champions and learners?


How will you...

  • Know where your learners are located and measure whether you are successfully reaching them?
  • Make contact with your learners? Will they come to you because of the service your organisation provides or will you need to go out and encourage them to become involved?
  • Capture the views of your potential learners on what might work best for them?
  • Work with your learners, are their particular barriers you need to consider such as language or literacy skills?
  • Provide training and support to your Digital Champions?
  • Embed Digital Champions in your organisation and its work?
  • Measure the impact of your project?
  • Develop and improve your project?
  • Make your project sustainable longer term?



  • Will your project be delivered? Does your venue have the right equipment and internet access? Is there public Wi-Fi and can learners bring along their own equipment?

One Digital want to share and keep developing good practice in working with Digital Champions – how to set up a project and provide training and support.  Our Community of Practice is still developing and we welcome your feedback and comments on your own experiences.  If you would like to get in touch please contact us here.

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