Measuring the impact of activity to improve digital participation

There are a variety of approaches for recording digital inclusion activity which partners may want to consider when setting up new projects. For example: 

Basic Digital Skills Framework

UK Government's Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy for Scotland

One Digital projects use the Basic Digital Skills framework and the Digital Champions Network to measure activity.  Learner progress within One Digital projects is measured by each project differently, but often involves using both a simple tally system and also by looking at what areas were covered during the learning.  This is primarily linked to the Basic Digital Skills Framework with an additional focus on staying safe online.  Topics measured include:

  • Awareness raising - e.g. Finding out benefits of being online, details about digital products, or services and tools that are online;
  • Device basics - e.g. Learning about types of devices, basics of working a device or getting internet, or how to adjust settings on a device;
  • Communicating - e.g. Learning how to use email, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook or other tools to communicate to friends and family;
  • Transacting - e.g. Learning how to shop online, fill out/submit forms on government websites, how to use online banking, how to raise an issue or complaint;
  • Managing information - e.g. Learning related to job searching, searching online, using price comparison websites, or using free online information resources like Wikipedia;
  • Problem solving - e.g. Watching 'how to' videos online, accessing support services like live-chat, utilising online guides;
  • Creating - e.g. Making a photo album, CV document, online journal, or social media post;
  • Security - e.g. Learning how to stay safe online, accessing information on internet security.

Measuring learner activity with the Digital Champions Network

The Digital Champions Network (DCN) from Digital Unite is an interactive platform that supports staff and volunteers to become Digital Champions. The DCN enables Digital Champions to record learner activity and progress. Each One Digital partner is providing organisations with membership of the DCN as part of their project offer.

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