Professional Digital Champion

What does a professional Digital Champion do?

A professional Digital Champion is someone who is employed to work directly with learners as well as supporting and recruiting volunteer Digital Champions.

Where do they work?

Professional Digital Champions work in a variety of settings including:

  • Local councils;
  • Social housing landlords;
  • Local charities and third sector organisations providing contracted services.

Professional Champions could provide support both one to one and in group sessions working either directly or through volunteers.  They provide person-centred support which is learner-led as well as facilitating access to more formal training opportunities.

Professional Champions have strong networks locally with key organisations such as Job Centres or Advice services which are a source of referrals into their services.

“I got a job! Because of the help [the Digital Champion] gave me. When I got a job I went in to see him and thanked him for his help. I can’t thank him enough.”


What skills does do they need?

  • Basic and advanced digital skills
  • Digital enthusiast
  • Good communicator
  • Willing to undertake training
  • Comfortable completing monitoring and impact reporting
  • Experience of facilitating, coaching and training
  • Able to work with and support volunteers