Embedded Digital Champion

An embedded Digital Champion is an individual working within an organisation to support service users or colleagues to develop their Essential Digital Skills.

What do they do?

There are two types of Digital Champion in this model:

  • A Champion working in a service based role who provides digital skills support as part of their front line role;
  • A Champion who works internally within an organisation providing leadership and guidance to colleagues on the use of digital within their role, often alongside changes in the use of technology within the organisation.

Embedded Digital Champions generally work in the third or public sectors providing services often to vulnerable people. They provide support both one to one and in group settings.

Initial learning is often linked to a specific service need or digital change, the Digital Champion facilitates initial support for a change in use of digital to provide a service.  To be fully effective they need knowledge of places to signpost to further learning and development as required.

What skills are needed?

  • Basic and advanced digital skills linked to service delivery
  • Digital enthusiast
  • Identification and assessment skills to fully identify the needs of the service user
  • Enthusiastic about the benefits of being online and able to share this with others through direct experience
  • Motivated and have the confidence to help others to learn
  • Patient, coaching and able to build up trust with learners through building on existing relationships